«Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic» - Arthur C. Clarke

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eBIP - Plataforma de información y seguimiento para mujeres embarazadas mediante la comunicación directa con sus especialistas médicos.
Según el Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE) en España, durante el año 2012 hubo un total de 223.853 nacimientos, pese a que los datos recogidos por el INE han disminuido respecto al año anterior, (...)
eMedical Coach - Comprehensive training system for people with intellectual disabilities to improve management decisions to monitor their diets to provide support to promote healthy lifestyles.
eMedicalCoach is aimed at people with intellectual disabilities (Down syndrome e.g.), who live independently in their homes or are in a situation of transition to independent living. According to expe (...)
eRemedu - Technological tool for telerehabilitation in patients with medulary disorders
The e-Remedu project presents the development of a technology platform consisting on a hardware and a software, used to enhance and implement new rehabilitation activities for patients with spinal cor (...)
eTidi - Dyslexia diagnosis in reading and pre-reading stage
Dyslexia is a lenguage and writing disorder that affects the understanding of it. If this disorder is not detected in early ages, it may have consequences at school resulting in a school failure. The (...)
Telerehab - Telerehabilitation for patients with reduced mobility
Patients with reduced mobility need to exercise and keep exercising continuously to improve their condition and motor skills. Some people will be able to undertake their rehabilitation at home by th (...)
eMugi - Telerehabilitation system for Health Care Professionals and Adults with Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic inflammatory demyelinating disease (CIDD) of the central nervous system leading to progressive impairment of various Central Nervous System (CNS) that poses many c (...)
Haur-Zaintz@ - Desarrollo de una solución tecnológica de ayuda al diagnóstico, seguimiento y evolución de trastornos del Neuro-desarrollo infantil
eZaintza - Solución tecnológica móvil de apoyo a los cuidadores y ayuda a personas con problemas de orientación tempo-espacial para mejorar su autonomía
The number of elderly people is increasing day by day, and they are expected to form a great part of the total population. This phenomenon is called population ageing, which takes place in the most de (...)

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