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1. Pressure Ulcer image segmentation technique through Synthetic Frequencies generation and contrast variation using Toroidal Geometry.

David Ortiz-Puerta; Daniel Sierra-Sosa; Begonya Garcia-Zapirain, Ph.D.
BioMedical Engineering OnLine Q3 - 2017; 16: 4.
IF: Q3

2. Building bridges for innovation in ageing: synergies between action groups of the EIP on AHA.

Bousquet, J., Bewick, M., Cano, A. et al.
J Nutr Health Aging. Volume 21, Number 1, pp 92 - 104. 2017.
IF: JCR=3.199(2015) Q2.

3. Proposing Telecardiology Services on Cloud for Different Medical Institutions: A Model of Reference

De la Torre-Díez Isabel, Garcia-Zapirain Begoña, López-Coronado Miguel, and Rodrigues Joel J.P.C.
Telemedicine and e-Health
IF: 1.791 (2015) Q2

4. Automatic migraine classification via feature selection committee and machine learning techniques over imaging and questionnaire data

Yolanda Garcia-Chimeno, Begonya Garcia-Zapirain, Marian Gomez-Beldarrain, Begonya Fernandez-Ruanova, Juan Carlos Garcia-Monco
BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, vol. 17, no. 1, p. 38, 2017.
DOI: 10.1186/s12911-017-0434-4
IF: 2.042 (2015) Q2

5. Definition of Requirements for Accessing Multilingual Information Opinions

Jan Derkacz, Mikołaj Leszczuk, Michał Grega, Arian Koźbiał, Fernando Jorge Hernández, Amaia Mendez Zorrilla, Begoña García Zapirain, Kamel Smaïli.
Multimedia Tools and Applications manuscript, pp 1-16
IF: Q2

6. Parameters of tongue shape of /n/ and /l/ in Basque. Journal of the International Phonetic Association

Alexander Iribar Ibabe, Rosa Miren Pagola Petrirena, Itziar Túrrez Aguirrezabal, José Luis García Arroyo, Begoña García Zapirain and Ibon Oleagordia Ruiz
Journal of the International Phonetic Association
In press
IF: JCR= 0.439 (2015) Q3

7. A New mHealth App for Monitoring and Awareness of Healthy Eating: Development and User Evaluation by Spanish Users.

De la Torre I, García-Zapirain B, López-Coronado M, Rodrigues J, Del Pozo C.
journal of medical systems 2017 Jul;41(7):109
DOI: 10.1007/s10916-017-0753-0
IF: Q2

8. Dual System for Enhancing CognitiveAbilities of Children with ADHD using Leap Motion and Eye-trackingtechnologies

Begoña García-Zapirain; Isabel de la Torre-Díez, Miguel López-Coronado
journal of medical systems (2017) 41: 111
DOI: 10.1007/s10916-017-0757-9
IF: Q1 (SJR)

9. EEG Mu rhythm suppression analysis during observation-execution tasks in children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Alain Sánchez-González, Begonya García-Zapirain
Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics
In press
IF: Q4

10. Is technology present in frailty? Technology a back-up tool for dealing with frailty in the ederly: a systematic review.

Mugueta Aguinaga I., García Zapirain B.
Aging and disease
IF: Q1

11. Review of the Use of AI Techniques in Serious Games: Decision Making and Machine Learning.

Maite Frutos-Pascual, Begonya García-Zapirain .
IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games. TCIAIG, Volume 9 Issue 2, 2017.
IF: 1 (2016) Q3

12. Comparison of background EEG activity of different groups of patients with idiopathic epilepsy using Shannon spectral entropy and cluster-based permutation statistical testing

Jose Antonio Urigüen, Begoña García-Zapirain, Julio Artieda, Jorge Iriarte, Miguel Valencia
Plos one
IF: Q1

13. Automated Framework for Accurate Segmentation of Pressure Ulcer Images

Begoña García-Zapirain, PhD; Ahmed Shalaby, PhD; Ayman El-Baz, PhD; Adel Elmaghraby, PhD
Computers in Biology and Medicine
IF: Q2

14. Recognition of pigment network pattern in dermoscopy images based on fuzzy classification of pixels

Jose Luis García Arroyo, Begonya Garcia Zapirain
Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine
IF: Q2

15. Primary Prevention of Asymptomatic Cardiovascular Disease Using Physiological Sensors Connected to an iOS App

Leire Moreno-Alsasua, Begonya Garcia-Zapirain, J. David Rodrigo-Carbonero, Ibon Oleagordia Ruiz, Sofiane Hamrioui, Isabel de la Torre Díez
Journal of Medical Systems
IF: Q2

16. A Systematic Review of mHealth Apps for Managing and Controlling Stress

David Blázquez Martín; Isabel de la Torre Díez; Begoña Garcia-Zapirain; Miguel López-Coronado; Joel J. P. C. Rodrigues
IF: Q1

17. FRED: Exergame to prevent dependence and functional deterioration associated with aging. A pilot three-week randomized controlled clinical trial (Phase 1)

Begoña García Zapirain; Iranzu Mugueta Aguinaga
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
IF: Q4 (2016)

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