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· Signal processing.

· Medical signal processing algorithms: images and voice.

· Software for helping diagnosis, (tele-)treatment and (tele-)assistance, Otolaryngology, Dermatology, Radiology, Oncology.

· Functional Magnetic Resonance Scanning: Neuropsychology.

· Games for therapy: Virtual and Augmented Reality, interaction with Wii device.

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ICTs for Wellbeing

· People with special needs: Development for e-inclusion and autonomy in the home, at work and outdoors.

· Accessible education: Adaptation of contents for training for the disabled.

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Areas in detail
eVIDA Launcher App

The eVida team presents the platform eVida Games, from which all the games developed for the various research projects can be downloaded. Thus, users can train their cognitive and physical skills while contributing to eVida's testing and co-creation processes.

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eVIDA Research group

eVida Research Group, a research group within the University of Deusto Engineering Faculty, is an experienced, dynamic and diverse team of telecommunications, electronics and software engineers, physicists, mathematicians and psychologists. Founded in 2002, the group is committed to research on and development of ICT-based tools, systems and interventions for psychological, social and physical health. Over the last decade, eVida have established close working relationships with key local stakeholders including hospitals, charities, other research groups and ICT companies.

eVida conduct applied research in two main areas. In the field of ICTs for Well-Being, eVida research, design, develop and test tools and systems which enable disabled people and the elderly to live more independent lives. eVida is currently involved in creating apps and devices for informal learning and informal learning follow-up services, programmes for person-centred care, and various tele-medicine and tele-monitoring systems. Work in this area has included applied research aimed at assisting groups such as people with intellectual disabilities, people with autism, people with visual impairments, people with hearing impairments, and people with multiple sclerosis. In the field of health, eVida specialise in creating diagnostic tools and systems and interventions for people with health problems such as skin and lung cancer, laryngectomy, epilepsy, migraines, dyslexia and bed sores. This work is based on long term research in the processing of: speech, ECG, EMG and EEG signals, and MRI (colon and lung cancer, articulatory description...), neuro fMRI, dermoscopy, pressure ulcers and stroboscopy images.

More detailed information about the team and its research can be found in the downloads below: